Our Mission

GSMNMF TRI-FOLDTo honor the Mothers whose sons and daughters gave their life in the service of our country. This monument is sponsored by the Gold Star Mothers National Monument Foundation. For all mothers who know the grief of losing a child in the service of our country, to promote a bond of kinship, and to engage in support for servicemen, the Veterans community, and others who memorialized our nation’s defenders.

Veterans Organizations

By supporting the Gold Star Mothers Family Monument, you support the families of fallen comrades - gone, but not forgotten. By financially supporting this Monument, you can still show your love for them and Gold Star Mothers across this Nation.


by Andrew L. Chernak, Sculptor / Designer

The loss of a child in any circumstance is a grievous blow to a family, but, uniquely so to the mother who bore that child. One group of Mothers that especially stands apart from the norm are the Gold Star Mothers of America’s fallen heroes. They are patriotic, loyal, and sympathetic. They understand our nation’s freedom is not to be taken for granted. The grief and loss these women have endured never leaves them, yet the Mothers rise above their pain in tribute to life going on. The Mothers have collectively served millions of hours in volunteer work, personal service in our nation’s Veterans hospitals, and to the Veteran and his family in their community. In serving this way, the Mothers have turned their grief into a positive force. If you want to know quiet greatness, spend a little time in the presence of a Gold Star Mother.